How a state agency partnered with Plow Networks to move to the Cloud.



Organization size

11-50 employees

The state agency’s technology was outdated for their needs and with missing help desk support, the expertise needed to manage their IT infrastructure and resolve critical issues was lacking.

Additionally, the traditional and legacy style approach of the company’s previous IT provider didn’t map with the business’s goals and direction for the future.


We worked with the state agency to build out a solution that brings them enterprise-level best practices and technologies that not only work for their business now, but are also scalable for the future.

Since we began working with them in 2019, we’ve executed a full network refresh, onboarding of all their machines, and continue to fully manage their servers and Microsoft 365 with extended on-premise and remote IT support.

Reducing risk and increasing security with a network refresh.

To ensure the best possible operation, we performed an entire network refresh for the company. All was done with minimal service interruptions, protecting their network with a firewall and providing the necessary tools for cloud management of their devices. This brought peace of mind to a previously overcomplicated, inefficient structure.

Keeping up with the pace of innovation - securely.

With thousands of sensitive case files, the company’s on-premise infrastructure was hard to manage and only accessible remotely using a virtual private network (VPN).

Instead, they wanted their team to be able to access their files and applications from anywhere, so we moved part of their infrastructure to the Cloud.

To solve their team’s inability to access applications off-site, we installed remote monitoring and management agents to patch and access all of their machines and servers within their hybrid environment.

Enhancing user experience with help desk support.

The state agency leverages our Client Support Center‘s 24x7x365 availability and know-how to answer tickets.

They have full access to unattended remote IT support during their hours of operations without having to download any sort of special software. This means that even if a team member is working from home and something is not working, they can call us and we are able to work on data on their on-premise infrastructure – as well as the Cloud.

In addition to monitoring their machines remotely, we took over full management of their Microsoft 365. This includes their user mailboxes, licenses, and supporting any product issues, such as OneDrive or Microsoft Teams.

We also extended support to include full support of their servers. This server management allows us to provide maintenance, audit, and physical support.

Keeping the business connected with an ongoing partnership.

Our progress in moving the state agency fully to the Cloud is steady. Once complete, they will no longer need to rely on their network.

We continue to co-create value as our tools get better and better and are there for them as they continue to ask for changes, such as configuration, pushing applications, and adding more support.

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