Who We Are

Connecting businesses to technology since 2012.

Our Story

When we started Plow Networks in 2012, we wanted to do more than offer our clients a unique, best-in-class technology experience. We wanted to give businesses peace of mind. Peace of mind in knowing that we’ve got their back. Peace of mind in knowing they will get the valuable time back and economies of scale that come with having one technology partner. Not only that, but also peace of mind in knowing their expectations will be exceeded with every engagement.

Our Values

Be grateful for all things

We cultivate gratitude as a core part of our work and take a concerted effort to keep gratitude at the top of our priority list.

2019 Recipient: Renee Martin

Say what you mean and do what you say

We are efficient with each other’s time and speak what’s on our mind. If we tell you we are going to do something, consider it done.

2019 Recipient: Talia Di Domenico

Be part of the solution

We find ways to solve problems instead of just pointing them out.

2019 Recipient: John Powers

Compete every day

We compete by finding new opportunities to provide innovative services to our clients.

2019 Recipient: Zack Brown

Don't be afraid to fail

Rather than choosing to see failure as the end of the world, we look at it as the incredible learning experience that it often is.

2019 Recipient: Tristan Sutton

Be hell bent on achieving

There’s a definite magic in being “hell-bent” on making something work.

2019 Recipient: Zack Brown

Why so serious? Keep it in perspective

We’re all about balance. We work extremely hard, but we play hard too. Having balance is extremely important to us.

2019 Recipient: Nick Soldani

Have genuine dedication and devotion

We genuinely love what we do and are genuinely interested in the success of our company. This means supporting the company’s mission and goals.

2019 Recipient: Jana Speer

Our Team

Our leadership is a combination of executives that have led major systems integrators as well as national telecommunications organizations. Our support staff that all have decades of client support experience and our systems architects and engineers have been hand-selected from medium and enterprise end-user environments. We also employ senior level program and project managers who are assigned to every project.

Our customers are exceeding their goals, and then some.

We chose to aggregate the functional roles of IT leadership, IT operations, vendor supply chain, telecommunications, cloud, and managed and hosted service providers. Our clients like simple – so we provide them with one place to go for all of their technology needs.

In addition, we operate our very own 24x7x365 Client Services Center (CSC) inclusive of our network operations and technical assistance services. All of this is designed to provide you with the very best experience.

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