Get a phone system that's scalable and easy to manage with ConnectPath®.

Keep your employees connected to each other and your clients by extending access and control of their phones to their laptops and mobile devices.
Our team, with 20+ years of experience in voice, has created a process to help you determine what to buy based on your business needs.

Businesses that love ConnectPath®

Your business phone, reimagined.

Delightful and powerful business phone services for professionals, teams, and companies.

Call from anywhere, on any device.

Your teams can stay connected with a single phone number across their computer, mobile devices and desk phone.

Anytime and anywhere access and availability.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offers a full suite of communication services that support effective and efficient ways to communication and collaborate in today’s business landscape.

Maximize your customer experience investment.

A CCaaS offers cloud-based customer experience solutions. Opting for a CCaaS model enables you to purchase only the technology your business needs.

See how one business improves productivity and connectedness with Microsoft Teams.

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Buffkin Baker transitions to a modern workplace by adopting Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Business Voice with the help of Plow Networks.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of Hosted Voice?

There are many advantages to Hosted Voice, but here are some common sentiments we hear from our clients:

  • There is flexibility both geographically and with usage, meaning you can add or subtract users with ease.
  • There are minimal to no upfront costs, and you don’t have to buy handsets if you don’t want to.
  • User adoption is easy because you’re leveraging platforms your users are already using.
  • Because it’s software based, the ability to add particular features you might need for your business is easy, without adding complexity.

Can I cancel my existing phone contracts?

That’s up to you. You don’t need an existing landline or mobile contract to use Hosted Voice. Of course, if your Internet connection is provided through your landline or mobile, you’ll still need that.

I'm moving, can I take it with me?

Yes. Hosted Voice works just the same as it does on a desktop, meaning it’s based on connectivity, not your location.

Will Hosted Voice work in an emergency?

Hosted Voice providers are required to support E911 capabilities. This means when you dial 911, your telephone number and location are automatically sent to the 911 operator during the call. You do not have to do anything differently to use E911.

How long does porting take?

Depending on your business this answer can vary, however porting usually takes 2 to 4 weeks depending on the carrier.

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