We make it easy for you to purchase and use Microsoft 365.

As a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can provide you your Microsoft public cloud subscriptions, such as Microsoft 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Azure and Dynamics CRM Online.

But it’s more than just a licensing platform. With Plow Networks, you get the same flexibility as you would get from Microsoft directly, but you will get a monthly invoice from your partner for subscription and services. There is mandatory 24/7 support to you from your Cloud Solution Provider. This means that it is more than ‘only’ a licensing solution.

What it takes to earn Tier 1 status

A Service Business Model

A Customer Support Infrastructure

Customer Billing and Invoicing Capabilities

The Ability to Scale

Is Cloud Solution Provider or Enterprise Agreement right for your business?

We are seeing Enterprise Agreements used by large enterprises that can maintain over 1000 user licenses, and need a fixed price for software and subscription licensing for 3 years. However, todays business reality is that it’s impossible to predict where your business will be in 3 years. Large enterprises continue to switch to Cloud Solution Provider for its greater flexibility and cost-savings.

Even Microsoft recommends businesses coming up on their Enterprise Agreement renewal look at Cloud Solution Provider licensing, in addition to new businesses getting started with Microsoft subscription licenses.

Cloud Solution Provider is typically used by organizations with less than 500 users, but those greater than 500 can use it as well. Businesses that want the greatest flexibility to add or remove licenses as needed and not pay upfront for all of their services opt for Cloud Solution Provider. This allows for predictable monthly usage bills, and shifts expenses from capital expenditures to operational expenditures.

Partnering with Plow Networks

We have become the fastest-growing Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider in Middle Tennessee by making the process of qualifying, quoting and migrating licenses SIMPLE.

When partnering with Plow Networks, you receive all of the features and benefits of Microsoft’s award-winning Microsoft 365 platform, plus the NO cost additional services provided by Plow Networks’ Pathways platform which includes:

  • Private Portal for license and Azure service management
  • Automated license pruning
  • Usage Analytics
  • Expense Analytics
  • Best-in-class 24x7x365 Client Support Center

Our clients are able to take advantage of our Client Support Center which consists of our licensing optimization team, service desk, engineers, and client portal. We do this at NO additional cost beyond what our prospective client is paying for their Microsoft 365 licenses today. In most cases, we provide our services at a lesser cost due to the savings we uncover in our initial optimization exercise.

No Surprise Charges

Utility Based Billing On One Invoice

No Fixed Contracts

Continuous 24x7 Support

Year Round 'True-Up'

Don't Feel Tied Down

Licensing Portal Access

Microsoft 365 is available in a variety of plans to best meet the needs of your business. Each Microsoft 365 plan includes a number of individual services, such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

Once you are given access, our self-serving licensing portal allows your to specify the number of licenses that you need, based on how many people you have in your organization, directly through the portal.

As your organizational needs change, you can add more licenses to accommodate new people, or reassign licenses to other users if someone leaves your organization.

Manage Your Microsoft 365 Licenses

Get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment.

As a Microsoft 365 administrator, managing your users’ Microsoft 365 licenses – assigning appropriate Microsoft 365 licenses for new employees, freeing up Microsoft 365 licenses when employees leave the organization, and reassigning the freed up licenses to other users – is an important part of your day-to-day activities. Microsoft 365 license management is critical to make sure the appropriate number of licenses are available in your organization and that you aren’t shelling out money to buy more licenses than you actually need.

Manage your people easier with automation

We help automate common human resources tasks associated with your Microsoft 365, from creating accounts and assigning access to new users to removing access from terminated employees.

  • Streamline and simplify onboarding and other HR processes
  • Enhance productivity by shortening time-to-hire and setting priorities for employees
  • Free up time for HR to work on strategic initiatives via automation of repetitive processes
  • Make informed decisions with a 360-degree view of all employees

Support Information

Let’s make this easy. We are your first point of contact for technical and account support.

With round-the-clock phone support, we are here to answer any pricing our support questions, provide billing and subscription support, provisioning and deployment help and resolve performance, service availability, incomplete software integration, or other deployment problems.

Our support team have advanced certifications in:

  • MCP +I
  • MCSE
  • Microsoft 70-346 – Managing O365 Identities and Requirements
  • Windows Server MCSA