Cutting through the bull$hIT of the IT industry.

✓ Gain powerful business insights

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✓ Laugh with us along the way

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Technology should make your business better, not stress you out.

✗ Confusing technical jargon

✗ Unnecessary technology spend

✗ Secretive selling process

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We’re business people too – we know how hard it can be to navigate the IT landscape.

Bryan Link Cut the $hIT Host
Bryan Link
Chief Operating Officer


Best podcast for tech trends and what’s going on in the world of IT 10/10 recommend giving it a listen.

– kinkade615


Awesome podcast with a ton of good information!

– JTown97


These guys are great! Learned a lot for someone who isn’t in the IT industry but uses it in my business daily this was great! Definitely could listen to these guys all day.

– smallbusinessjunkie

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