Transitioning to a modern workplace with Microsoft Teams and Business Voice.



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11-50 employees
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Buffkin Baker is a partner-led team of executive search professionals recruiting leaders. Providing a high-touch, tailored search process based on deep sector expertise, Buffkin Baker has a 99% completion rate through professional candidate interactions and exceptional search execution.


With employees urged to work at home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Buffkin Baker knew it had to begin transitioning its team to a remote workforce quite quickly, while trying to remain business as usual.


We reviewed Buffkin Baker’s collaboration needs and determined that a full stack Microsoft 365 solution fit best to deliver a modern workplace to their team. They were already leveraging Microsoft 365 for some of their day-to-day communications, like email and document sharing, so it was easy for us to help them leverage Microsoft Teams and Business Voice.

"We have saved tremendous amounts of time and have improved our productivity and connectedness as a result of Teams Implementation."

- Mark Farrington, Partner, Healthcare Technology

COVID-19 and working together, from anywhere.

In 2019, Buffkin Baker was operating as an on-premise workforce like many other businesses. Then an entirely unpredictable disruption of epic proportions hit in the form of the novel coronavirus. The pandemic forced them to transition into remote working – quickly.

As an already existing Microsoft 365 business, the transition for their team to adopt Microsoft Teams was relatively easy and provided them with unified communication, collaboration, and voice. It also helped their employees complete tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Teams consolidated information in a way that ensured increasing productivity and provided workers with more ways to collaborate.

Teams has eliminated the traditional network file share model in leu of a centralized cloud solution for document storage. Buffkin Baker migrated close to 90 GB of legacy data to eliminate the Shared Drive and standardize on Teams Data Storage.

The voice piece of the puzzle.

The second core solution was the rapid deployment of Microsoft Business Voice, which was deployed at the start of lockdown. As a recruiting business that takes a lot of inbound calls and makes a lot of outbound calls, a reliable connection that starts call fast and gets clear audio is very important.

Buffkin Baker was leveraging legacy telephony systems. With simpler options for auto attendant, direct routing, voicemail and more, Business Voice fulfilled all of their voice needs.

The integration has made it possible for Buffkin Baker to transition all standing meetings, including Search Update, Business Development and Executive updates, to Teams and Business Voice collaboration.

Buffkin Baker also takes advantage of our Client Support Center for support of their Microsoft Teams. By allowing us to support and manage their users, it has reduced their overall IT management burden.

Improving overall collaboration and communication.

  • They saved money that they were paying to keep multiple licenses for chat, conference, and individual calling.
  • They have a secure platform where external individuals can connect with their teams when required.
  • File sharing, chatting and conference calls work seamlessly together for all the employees who work from home.
  • Employees got a unified collaboration and communication platform.
  • The mobile application of Teams helps their staff to access Teams on any device and from anywhere.
  • Co-working on a single document has helped them speed up work and other deliverables.


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