Eliminating redundant tasks and increasing employee efficiency with HR Automation.


Behavioral Healthcare

Organization size

100-999 employees
Newport Healthcare

Newport Healthcare bring teens and young adults from self-destruction to self-esteem by treating primary mental health issues, addressing the underlying causes of high-risk behavior. Newport Healthcare treats individuals ages 12–27 who are struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, and/or co-occurring issues such as eating disorders and substance abuse. Through their clinical expertise and integrated care, they strive to help alleviate the stigma surrounding teen and young adult mental health.


The Human Resources and IT teams at Newport Healthcare were manually performing time-consuming and redundant, but essential, tasks to complete the onboarding and off-boarding processes that left their team with room for potential errors, compliance issues, and data loss.


Sometimes manual systems will just never be as accurate as automated ones. By determining that HRIS automation was the solution their team needed, we knew that we could take repetitive tasks off their teams’ plate, while also ensuring accuracy and a greater employee experience.

"Plow helped our company leverage automation to replace manual HR processes and save our IT and HR departments hours of work every week."

- Rachel Schiffelbein, IT Project Delivery Manager

Removing the human element from onboarding and off-boarding to increase efficiency.

Newport Healthcare wanted to eliminate cumbersome and error-prone tasks, like creating users and assigning licenses manually, from their employees’ plate. To do so, the first step was standardizing things like license type(s) and applications new employees needed based on their role and job functions. 

Once this information was standardized, we were able to automate new user assignments to their appropriate license type (for example, do they need an E1 or E3 license) and assign applications to them based on criteria in their user profile provided by the Human Resources (HR) team.

Our tool scans their HR system for every 3 hours and pulls all recent employee changes to make sure they are always up to date. If there is a terminated employee, the tool then checks if the employee’s account has been deactivated and, if not, automatically suspends their account and turns their inbox into a shared inbox.

In the first three quarters of 2021, we successfully closed more than 900 New Hire tickets and more than 1200 Team Assignment tickets through automation, all of which Newport Healthcare can view in a customizable real-time, web-based dashboard.

"Previously, our termination process was a manual effort that sometimes included gaps of time between employee termination and deactivation of accounts. After working with Plow, account deactivation now includes no manual effort and provides a more streamlined and secure termination process."

- Rachel Schiffelbein, IT Project Delivery Manager

Redefining the employee experience for a growing business.

By standardizing the information in employees’ user profiles, we were also able to automate Group Assignments, meaning new employees were automatically put into necessary groups, like Marketing or Sales, without having to open a ticket.

In the first three quarters of 2021, we successfully closed more than 1,200 Team Assignment tickets with automation.

As a rapidly growing business with new hires being onboarded often, we were able to automate the onboarding processes so that new hires show up on their first day assigned to correct license and every Group needed, before they even know they need it, improving the overall employee experience.

Improving security by decreasing the chance of employee sabotage.

As with any business, there’s a small chance of violence or retaliation from terminated employees. Even employees who handle terminations well may try to sabotage the company or individual staff members.

The HRIS automation put in place at Newport Healthcare has decreased the chance of missed information that existed when previously performing off-boarding tasks manually, and better protects the business’s physical workplace, intellectual property and the physical well-being of employees.

Creating a collaborative relationship between IT and HR.

HR and IT are on the same team working towards the same goal. Automation and standardization have eliminated ambiguity and defined clear lines of ownership and accountability for the Newport Healthcare team.

The overall process has enabled IT to gain a much better understanding of the ins and outs of HR, what they need from an HR system, and how they optimize and progress things. At the same time, it has made the teams in HR much more literate on systems, how to get what they need from IT, and how the constraints of software affect what they can and can’t do.

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