Crafting Your Ideal IT Strategy: Comparing In-House vs. Managed Services

Every business charts its course through the digital landscape, and at the heart of this journey lies a crucial decision: forming the perfect IT team. In this quest, companies often confront the crossroads of choosing between in-house expertise or the dynamic flexibility of managed services.

As a seasoned managed IT service provider, Plow Networks recognizes the pivotal role this choice plays. Let’s compare these two major approaches—in-house versus managed—and navigate the complexities of building your dream IT team.

In-House IT Team


Direct Control and Immediate Response

Experience the reassurance of having an IT team at arm’s length, ready for immediate issue resolution.

In-Depth Knowledge of Company Culture

An in-house team inherently understands the intricacies of your company culture and specific needs.

Availability for Hands-On Projects

Empower your IT team to fully engage in hands-on projects that align seamlessly with your business objectives.


Higher Costs

Salaries, benefits, and training expenses can substantially inflate your company’s IT budget.

Limited Scalability and Flexibility

In-house teams may struggle to adapt to evolving business demands swiftly.

Staying Ahead of Rapidly Evolving Technologies

Keeping pace with the latest technologies poses a challenge for in-house teams.

Managed IT Services


Cost-Effectiveness With Predictable Expenses

Enjoy cost predictability with monthly subscription models that align with your budget.

Access to a Diverse Skill Set and Expertise

Tap into a vast reservoir of IT experts boasting specialized skills and up-to-date knowledge.

Scalability and Flexibility

Tailor your IT resources according to demand, offering unparalleled flexibility for your business.


Perceived Lack of Immediate Response

Some businesses may be more concerned regarding the immediacy of response with external providers. Fortunately, Plow Networks provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring almost instantaneous response times.

Dependency on External Service Providers

Managing dependencies on third-party providers can be a concern; however, external providers often offer significant benefits.

Balancing Customization with Standardized Solutions

Striking the right balance between customized solutions and standardized offerings can be challenging. For a tailored IT plan, contact our sales team at

Making the Decision

As you navigate the pros and cons of in-house versus managed IT, consider the following factors:

  • Understand the unique requirements and long-term goals of your business.
  • Evaluate the costs associated with both IT models and assess their long-term implications.
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons within the context of your company’s growth trajectory.
  • Explore the possibility of blending in-house and managed IT services for a bespoke solution benefiting all stakeholders.

Best Practices for Building an Effective IT Team

Irrespective of your choice between in-house IT or managed services, certain best practices can significantly enhance the success of your IT team:

Prioritize Ongoing Training: Foster continuous learning to stay ahead in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Champion Effective Communication: Cultivate open channels for seamless collaboration.

Nurture a Collaborative Culture: Encourage cooperation between IT and other departments.


The decision between an in-house IT team and managed services hinges upon your business’s unique needs and aspirations. Regardless of your choice, the goal remains the same: to forge your dream IT team, powering the hardware and essential tools behind your business operations.

In IT, choices aren’t merely about technology; they’re about propelling your business toward a future of innovation and sustained success.

Ready to elevate your business with managed IT services? Contact us to embark on your journey today!

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