Why are businesses moving to Managed IT?

The Benefits of Managed IT

Is your IT department swamped with requests? Are they having a hard time resolving issues in a timely manner? Experiencing network slowness? Or maybe you’re a small company with little to no IT staff knowledge? If this sounds like some of the challenges your business is facing, then Managed IT may be the solution you are looking for.

What is Managed IT?

In a nutshell, Managed IT Services involve delegating IT tasks to a third-party provider who is responsible for around-the-clock monitoring, management and repair. 

With business technology, there is no one size fits all solution. Managed IT keeps businesses from becoming overwhelmed due to limitations on IT sources. It also comes with a plethora of other benefits that businesses can take advantage of… 

More Reliable and Efficient IT Operations

As mentioned, businesses often suffer from overburdened IT staff, or lack employees that have the expertise and IT skills to complete certain tasks, while also successfully handling their entire network on their own. 

In situations like these, it is hard to deny the value of partnering with a Total Service Provider. Outsourcing IT not only ensures extra IT experts are acting as an extension of your team to help resolve issues or concerns, it also means having access to the latest and greatest technologies and innovative business grade solutions that will assist in maximizing uptime and profitability for your business.  

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Your business is likely using a multitude of technologies that store and transmit data. This can include tablets, operating systems, servers, smartphones, laptops and more.  

Because data is stored and transmitted on these devices, it means their security is critical. Many business owners live in fear that they will fall victim to a security breach and, either damage the reputation of their business, or be forced to close their doors altogether. Leveraging Managed IT takes this burden off your hands by handing over the responsibility of security – making you aware of the risks and protecting you from them.  

Cost Efficient

One of the more enticing benefits of Managed IT is the cost effectiveness it brings. Most notably, it allows you to easily predict IT expenses. No more expanding your IT staff or unexpected costs. You will have a team of IT experts on your side, which is invaluable. Managed IT also means having access to experts in multiple areas of technology, like the cloud, networking, storage, compliance and more. These experts are there to help your business succeed and execute your business strategy and goals. Now your people can focus on other internal projects and initiatives with the time they get back.

These are just some of the benefits businesses can take advantage of with Managed IT. Contact Plow Networks today to learn how we help businesses simplify technology. 

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