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American Addiction Centers provides addiction treatment and mental health care at various locations nationwide – from the east coast to the west coast.

The challenge

The in-house team at American Addition Centers was beginning to feel bogged down with a high volume of tickets that should have been handled by Level 1 support. They began to fall behind on queues and tickets, so they decided it was time to make a change to the way their help desk operates and the overall function of their IT team.

The approach

American Addiction Centers knew they wanted to outsource Tier 1 support to free up their team, but as a large and growing business, they didn’t want to change ticketing systems. We worked with the business to integrate into their IT help desk team to provide a fully white label service. While our fully staffed 24×7 service desk worked out of Plow Networks’ ITSM tool, it would automatically update American Addiction Center’s ticketing system and vice versa.

"Partnering with Plow Networks has made it possible for my team to focus on other areas of the business. Their team has a wide range of knowledge and provides our company with timely and professional IT support we need to keep us productive and online.” – Former VP of IT

Customized 24x7 IT Help Desk

Unfortunately, the company’s team couldn’t keep up with its high-ticket volume caused by rapid growth, which created some significant challenges, including:

  • Ticket backlog due to volume increases that required assistance from other IT resources outside of the Level 1 team to keep up with demand
  • Lack of available talent to staff the Level 1 service desk quickly.
  • Longer than usual response and resolution times

These challenges left the business’s internal IT staff with little time for higher-value projects, growth, and product development activities. They decided to leverage our 24/7/365 Tier 1 help desk to accommodate locations scattered nationwide.

Over the course of the last year, the relationship continues to be a proven success – supplementing American Addiction’s current IT staff to offer a highly scalable 24x7x365 service desk.

Improving support while still utilizing the existing technology stack

Due to their size, American Addiction Centers didn’t want to have to go through the process of retraining all their employees and educating them to buy into a new ticketing tool. Because the business had REST API and Event-based web hooks, we decided to integrate our support into their ticketing system as a while label service. This means incidents and user requests are resolved under the business’s trademark, although handled by the team at Plow Networks.

To guarantee smooth support team integration, we trained our staff to ensure a good understanding of American Addiction Center’s environment. Our training activities included onboarding and support training programs for newcomers, regular training sessions and knowledge transfers among our support teams.

Our white label Service Desk team resolves specific ticket types set by American Addiction Centers that would otherwise bog their team down with more tedious tasks. Instead, the business’s IT team can utilize their time to solve more labor-intense assignments.


From daily firefighting to focusing on business goals

Our live reporting allows American Addiction Centers to have a clear understanding of the volume of Level 1 tickets generated daily, which allows them to control how many tickets they send to us and better predict the associated technical support costs.

The business’s reporting dashboard looks something like this:

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