Licensing optimization yields thousands in annual savings



Medical Practice

Organization size

201-500 employees
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Tennessee Retina, PC was founded in 1978 as Retina Vitreous Associates, PC.  In May 2008, seven physicians from three prestigious practices decided that as a group of one, they could better serve the needs of their patients in Middle Tennessee and surrounding regions.  The longest-established retina practice in the state, Tennessee Retina has grown to become the largest practice for retinal care in Middle Tennessee.

The challenge

The team at Tennessee Retina was having trouble with how their emails were being routed because they were unintentionally using two anti-spam solutions. Some mail would get through their Primary Solution, but the Primary Solution would then send that mail to their Secondary Solution, where their employee mailboxes are. Their employees couldn’t release the blocked emails in the Secondary Solution because the ability to unblock mail was not enabled. This created apparent problems with their employees being unable to access emails they needed that had been flagged as spam.

The solution

As a result of the engagement, Plow Networks identified annual savings of more than $5,000.

Plow Networks conducted a technology assessment of Tennessee Retina’s current solution and determined they owned anti-virus licenses within other licensing at no additional costs. This meant owning a separate anti-spam license from another provider was not needed. We recommended they pick one to save money and for security reasons.

Making the most of existing licensing

Licensing overlap happens when you pay for multiple licenses that cover the same features. Essentially, you end up paying double for a single application or capability — and by the time you realize this, it may be difficult to get out of your contractual obligations.

Keeping track of release notes and changelogs of your licenses can be challenging, especially across multiple platforms — which is why it’s essential to do the occasional tech audit to identify overlaps, excesses, and under-utilizations you may have missed while focusing on day-to-day operations.

Why you shouldn’t have two anti-spam systems

Multiple antispam engines are just as likely to amplify the problem as they are to reduce the problem. Imagine problems from sorting through two quarantine folders or dealing with two copies of the same message.

The more filters you have, the greater the risk of false positives. One false positive does more harm than several spam messages getting through.

Plow Networks customers save an average of 25%

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