Jason Miller, Director of Professional Services

Jason Miller joins Plow Networks

Jason Miller has joined the team at Plow Networks as Services Manager.

As a new manager on Plow Networks’ Professional Services team, Jason Miller is responsible for providing the highest level of customer service and will be the main point of contact between Plow Networks and our clients on projects. He says himself that he “will answer to just about anything”, which captures his interest in delivering great services. Before joining Plow Networks, he worked for an automotive replacement parts provider for 12 years, where he handled operations and infrastructure and was involved in end user services.

Besides taking interest in the client experience, Jason enjoys spending time with his family and kayaking. He says he is excited to bring his experience and perspective in being on the customer side of the house to the provider side while working at Plow Networks. 

As Plow Networks continues to grow, our focus continues to be on providing the best client experience possible.

Our Director of Client Experience, Jana Speer, says she’s very thankful that Plow continues to invest in top quality talent that ultimately benefits the overarching client experience.

“At the end of the day, client experience is our number one priority,” she said.


Learn more about Jason Miller on LinkedIn. 

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Headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee in 2012, the founders of Plow Networks came together over a shared vision of offering businesses a unique and best-in-class experience by providing them with a single partner for all of their technology needs.

Businesses are looking for simplicity and a partner they can trust. Plow Networks gives its clients confidence and peace of mind by analyzing their business needs and recommending solutions that Plow Networks can architect, implement, support, and operate; so businesses can focus on growing and achieving their goals. As a result, Plow Networks is now a leading Total Service Provider (TSP) in the IT industry.

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