Jana Speer, Director of Client Experience

Introducing Plow Networks’ first-ever Director of Client Experience

Bringing Teams Together to Create a Delightful Client Experience

Brentwood, TN, January 31, 2020 – Today, Plow Networks announces they are welcoming Jana Speer as Plow’s first-ever Director of Client Experience. Jana has been with Plow Networks for seven years, previously holding roles as Project Manager, Operations Manager, Client Retention Manager, and Account Executive. She brings a broad range of expertise having worked with both the internal team and clients in every aspect of the lifecycle; making her the perfect choice to build and lead this focused initiative.

Plow’s founders made the decision to create the Director of Client Experience role late last year after agreeing on the need for a clear focus on the client experience in 2020.

“Unfortunately for our industry, we believe the bar is presently set very low. Fortunately for Plow, this provides us a great opportunity to raise that bar, which should not only be great for our clients, but the clients of our competitors that choose to make a similar investment to their clients,” Brian Law, President and Founder of Plow, said.

“We see it as an opportunity to raise the tide for our entire industry. What we have learned from our clients is that more than anything, they want a great, predictable experience. They want to trust that we are going to deliver on our commitments to them and that, if or when something changes, they want quick and transparent communication. Jana’s new role will ensure that we deliver against the expectations we set for our clients as well as the commitments we make them, as she will be the single point inside Plow that is responsible for their experience,” he continued.

The creation of this role is just the first step in Plow’s commitment to improving the client experience, however, it is a critical step as it creates a singular focus on working with the internal teams to ensure they are doing everything they can to deliver the very best experience.

“This isn’t rocket science. This is about creating a best-in-class experience as defined across all industries, and that positively impacts our entire industry. Jana has always operated that way, regardless of the roles she has been in over the past seven years, and this will give her the opportunity to work with our entire team to ensure they’re operating that way as well”.

Jana will help lead all teams that are part of the client journey to ensure this experience. Most importantly, she will help place the client experience front and center — right where it should be.

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