Understanding the basics of hybrid managed services

The IT ecosystem has shifted from a one-stop on-premises data center to a vastly distributed landscape of clouds, hosted services, hybrid solutions, etc. While it is possible to manage some of the IT services internally or completely outsource the job, in the long run, it puts surmounting pressure on internal IT teams, stunting operations and affecting customer experience.

These pains of managing complex IT environments led to the rise of a new service model. A model that would free organizations, partially or entirely, from the task of managing their cloud infrastructure or resources. By opting for hybrid managed services, an organization can outsource multiple responsibilities, including configuration, migration, optimization, maintenance, and security, to hybrid managed services providers. As a result, businesses can maximize its benefits from the cloud while minimizing the time and costs of managing it internally.

What are hybrid managed services?

Hybrid managed services are an IT solution that combines elements of hosted services, managed services, and hybrid cloud computing solutions. Hybrid IT services provide a higher level of flexibility than traditional on-site or remote options can alone. This flexibility allows users to shift workloads between outsourced IT services and their on-site hardware and in-house IT support department.

IT project outsourcing used to be a cookie-cutter service that provided clients with IT support that wasn’t needed or wanted. Hybrid IT services allow you to outsource IT services that may go beyond your organization’s capabilities without paying for services you can handle.

What do you gain from hybrid managed services?

Hybrid managed services providers typically offer a variety of options, including:

  • 24/7 monitoring services
  • Data backups
  • Network management
  • Endpoint management
  • Backup and disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Remote support and consulting
  • IT project management
  • Server virtualization

Hybrid managed services can be the solution you are looking for to address some of the biggest conundrums your organization is facing today. Plow Networks not only offers years of experience in managing and streamlining IT services but also enables you to access their enterprise-level best practices and the industry’s best skillset.

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