Tips for optimizing your Microsoft 365 licensing

How to optimize your Microsoft 365 usage

Microsoft 365 provides a variety of subscriptions based on your organization’s size and requirements. Identifying the right plans will help you to reduce license costs so you’re not overpaying for usage you don’t need. Apart from this, you can use several methods to optimize Microsoft 365 license usage and reduce costs. This blog post dives into those methods.

Manage licensing process for employees' departure

Your first step in optimizing your Microsoft 365 licensing is identifying licenses assigned to employees that have left or are about to leave your company. Plow Networks uses automation to automatically remove the licenses of employees who have been offboarded from your organization.

Educate your employees about Microsoft 365

If your company has employees who do not understand or have experience using Microsoft 365, you should teach them. Training can help increase the efficiency of the software in your company and ensure that they utilize licenses that are best suited for their positions.

Buy licenses specific to every employee's role and responsibilities

You don’t need to buy an all-inclusive plan for everyone. Some employees only need Microsoft Outlook for email, while others need most M365 programs, like Excel and Word for their roles.

Organize your Microsoft 365 users and permissions

You can profile your users according to their similarity in functions and assign a license that works best for them. Bundling users and giving licenses according to their functionality will significantly reduce your cost of buying universal licenses that they don’t need.

You can also scale this process further by providing licenses according to the employee’s job level. For instance, you can give E5 licenses for C-level or VIPs while the rest of your workforce maintains E3 licenses.

Manage your Microsoft 365 spending with Plow Networks

There are many ways to optimize your Microsoft 365 spend and cut down on your cost. Your internal IT team can deploy these measures,  but if you’re looking for help optimizing your current Microsoft 365 licensing, Plow Networks can perform a license optimization based on your usage and provide you with a report with recommendations.

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