The advantages of Microsoft 365

A Staggering 120 million business users rely on Microsoft 365

Moving to the cloud can be a big decision for any business. While moving to a cloud-based system like Office 365 is not always going to be the right system for everyone, it has some major advantages to take into consideration.

Don't Worry About Servers and Maintenance

Office 365 is available on the cloud, yet also has the flexibility of integrating with your company’s On-Premise solutions if need be. Using the cloud has many advantages, particularly in terms of saving on the maintenance costs associated with local servers. Also, the Office 365 Trust Center means you know your data will be in safe hands.

Grow Your Business

Office 365 works on a system of “you pay for what you get”. When your organization grows, you can simply pay for the additional services and data storage you need. OneDrive for Business – the data storage side of the stack – offers a huge amount of space at an affordable cost. You’ll never have the headache of buying new hard drive for storage space ever again.

Work Anywhere, From Any Device

Being based in the cloud, Office 365 means your people no longer need to be chained to their desk to access company data and be productive. It’s possible to work from mobiles, tablets and laptops on the go – and it’s all backed up by comprehensive security measures.

Simplified Migration

Migrating to Office 365 can actually be easy, regardless of the storage tools you currently use. And, since Office 365 will undergo constant updates from Microsoft, you’ll never need to migrate your data again.

Office Web Applications Work Online

Office 365 is focused on making your workflows more streamlined and more collaborative than ever. The stack includes the full MS Office productivity suite accessible online which means colleagues can quickly make edits, comments and improvements on documents in real time without having to check out and download the document.

New Features and Bug Updates

It’s not quite Nirvana, but once you’ve moved to Office 365 you’ll have escaped the endless cycle of waiting a couple of years for Microsoft’s next product release. Instead, you’ll have instant access to updates and bug fixes as soon as they’re ready.

Data Loss Prevention with Enterprise-Class Governance and Control

A company’s lifeblood is its data and documents. Losing these can be disastrous and Office 365’s data protection and backup offers you the peace of mind that you’ll never lose the data you use.

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