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Windows 7 End of Life

With Windows 7 support coming to an end, organizations must tackle OS upgrades.

With less than five months to the date when Windows 7 technical assistance and security updates runs out, if your business runs on Windows 7, you’re in limbo. If you are still running the outdated operated system by its end of life date, you are opening up your company to hacks, malware, viruses and other potential future security flaws.

In this case, it means that, as of Jan.14, 2020, Microsoft will move on from Windows 7 and no longer patch security holes in the operating system.

On top of this, if you have not upgraded to Windows 10 by the end of life date, you will need to pay Microsoft up to $200 per device for the privilege of continuing to receive security updates.

What Does Windows 7 End of Life Mean For My Security?

One of the nice things about not being in end of life is that the operating system or software package is fully supported and patched. With Windows 7, all of that support will go by the wayside.

It’s not uncommon for hackers, knowing when end of life hits, to wait until after that date to find ways to exploit vulnerable systems and wreak havoc. After all, if Microsoft isn’t going to support the operating system and there are still plenty of people using it, why not attack?

The fact is, the sooner you can get away from Windows 7 and switch to Windows 10, the better.

How Do I Move To Windows 10 From Windows 7?

There are many good reasons to make the jump to Windows 10, and just as many resources for getting started.

While it is understandable that desktop operating system upgrades are somewhat inconvenient and cumbersome to execute, they do bring advantages in terms of improved security and usability in this cloud-centric and ever-evolving technology landscape.

If you happen to have just a handful of computers, it may be feasible to go around with a Windows 10 image on a USB stick and upgrade them manually. However, that is not a scalable solution for large quantities of computers across multiple locations that would, in turn, call for an automated deployment approach leveraging tools.

Professional Services can ease the transition.

If you’re ready to get off Windows 7, but aren’t sure where or how to start, help is available. Partnering with an organization that offers Professional Services gives you access to a team that is very experienced and well-positioned to assist you in making the move to Windows 10. They will scope the services that best suit your unique environment and can help you navigate the complex world of licensing and subscription options.

Happy upgrading!

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