Network: the foundation of your business

Why The Network is More Relevant to Business Success Than Ever Before

If you were building your dream home with a wrap around porch, you wouldn’t start there. You would start by building a strong foundation and then constructing the frame of the house and the porch after that.
The same goes for emerging technologies. Businesses must first ensure they have strong and properly constructed networks and fast connections.

In order to take advantage of emerging technologies, organizations need to invest in robust network bandwidth and fast cloud connections.

Without a strong network foundation, businesses will not be able to effectively compete with their peers. Networks are significant to people who are using different devices at the same time. With a simple touch or click, you can connect to the network whether you’re using a smartphone, laptop or tablet. You can visit your clients without any worries about your connection and employees can also improve their outputs with a solid network.
While it might seem obvious, businesses shouldn’t rush into adopting emerging solutions without first ensuring that they have a strong network foundation. Once a scalable and secure network infrastructure is in place, only then should businesses lay other advanced technologies on top.

So, how can you build a strong network infrastructure?

The first thing a business should do is conduct an assessment of its network technology and strategy and determine: What is the state of our network now and what do we want it to be?
This assessment often involves checking on the health of a network and its underlying infrastructure, developing a strategy for what the business wants to use its network for and then creating a roadmap that will help the business achieve those goals.
After you’ve completed an assessment, there are some best practice steps to take…

Network Management Systems

Investing in a network management system is a key element in network optimization, application performance, reliability and operations staff productivity. A strong network can increase compatibility and support with emerging network services.


Consider the physical space available for equipment racks, power, cooling and wire runs required in each case when planning for installations or upgrades.


Check the health of your network and its underlying infrastructure, develop a strategy for what your organization wants to use the network for and then create a network roadmap.

Wireless Strategy

Determine what kind of access points are needed, how many to deploy and where they should be placed. A strong wireless network will increase agility, efficiency, flexibility, security and network control.

We know that transforming your business to be digitally ready is a big step. But remember, your network infrastructure should be considered the backbone of your daily operations: everything else in your business relies on the strength and reliability of that backbone to operate successfully. The increased flexibility, efficiency and cost savings associated with a well-design network mean big benefits for you and your business.

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