Get a clear picture of your IT infrastructure.

Whether you want to improve the way you manage your infrastructure overall or want to dive in and ensure each critical element is working at its best, our technology assessment will thoroughly review your business’s environment and technology systems.

Request an assessment on your area of focus, or get started by contacting us.

The good news? We know exactly how to get you there.

We conduct an in-depth review of your critical technology areas and evaluate them against best practices to deliver a written evaluation and recommendations to help you get a better return on your IT investment.

Network Assessment

Get an in-depth network scan to identify server, endpoint, and network vulnerabilities. We’ll prepare a detailed report for scanned networks and a mitigation plan containing actionable advice to address each issue.

Microsoft 365 Assessment

We perform a cost optimization and tenant health check plus a security configuration review based on a zero-trust methodology. This assessment is recommended to help get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment.

Security Assessment

A security controls assessment (using the CIS standards) ensures your business has foundational security measures that you can use to achieve essential hygiene and protect yourself against a cyber attack.

A clear picture is what you need to make sure you're getting the most out of your technology.

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