How to choose an effective Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is designed to enhance the relationship between customers and Microsoft partners and provide customers with a purchasing motion to confidently and efficiently obtain the products and services to meet their business needs.

This can be done through their Microsoft partner of choice, adding value to their cloud experience through dedicated support, expert guidance, and a single point of billing for Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 subscriptions, software licenses and professional and managed services.

When selecting a suitable CSP partner to work with, there are key considerations that should be factored into the decision-making process, because a CSP can offer so much more than just a means of transacting licenses.

Does the CSP offering align with the needs of your business?

One way to get an answer is to talk to the CSP about your current and future roadmap, the licensing challenges you are experiencing and the objectives that have been set by the business.

Consider Indirect or Direct CSP

If CSP does align, the next consideration is the preference to work with an Indirect or Direct CSP. An Indirect CSP re-sells subscriptions through a ‘distributor,’ whereas a Direct CSP purchases directly from Microsoft and remains responsible for the lifecycle of relationship with the customer, including guidance, provisioning, billing, and support.

Indirect CSP is for the lighter touch partners, with full reliance upon a Distributor to provide the operational and accounting systems and delivery of support services to fulfill the process.

Direct CSP partners must demonstrate they have the infrastructure and systems to deliver the end-to-end service to customers, without the reliance or dependence upon Microsoft or third parties (Note: Plow Networks is a Direct CSP).

What unique benefits does the CSP provide you that's different from the others?

If a CSP partner can demonstrate a great combination of people, process and technology that aligns with your business, you may have found the right partner for you.

People — the depth of experience and expertise to provide the best advice, appropriate guidance specific to your needs and technical support for effective issue resolution and delivery of managed services.

Process — the maturity of operational procedures and policies to handle both simple and complex delivery, provisioning and change management processes with clear and transparent quoting and billing of products and services.

Technology — the ability to scope, design and deliver the most suitable products and services that align with the needs of your business.

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