Five reasons why you need a Cloud Solution Provider for Microsoft 365

Reasons to Modernize and Migrate to the Cloud

Your business runs on information. Without comprehensive cloud management, your business is susceptible to security threats, data loss and costly downtime. Whether you have a multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environment, cloud managed service providers provide extensive cloud knowledge to support your environment or fill in the management gaps. Here are five key benefits:

CSPs Help in Migration

There is always a risk in migrations of downtime or data loss. Therefore, migrations to Microsoft 365 are best handled by an expert team. Microsoft itself will not help in migration for small businesses. A CSP has experience in migrating thousands of email, hosted Exchange and SharePoint accounts, can make a difference in eliminating data loss and downtime.

Office 365 is Complex and Evolving

Microsoft 365 is a continuously evolving product, with software updates, new plans, and associated products being released on regular basis. A Microsoft CSP stays on top of these changes for you. Just like a reliable car dealer, who is aware of approved parts, promotions, repair history, warranties, recalls, and software updates regarding your car, a Microsoft CSP knows so much about your Microsoft 365 options that your IT staff doesn’t need to learn as much. You need a CSP to get the best out of Office 365.

Pick a CSP of the Right Size

Microsoft is a great company, but it is huge. They have millions of customers on Microsoft 365 alone. A right-sized CSP provides the right blend of experience, process, service, and familiarity. The difference is between eating out at a nice restaurant and eating at a food court in a shopping mall. With a CSP, the experience is so much better. You can expect better service and form a good working relationship with its support team. Best of all, a CSP has an active relationship with Microsoft that you can take advantage of.

One Stop Shop for Application Support

It is convenient to have one provider for all your application hosting needs. Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft cloud products offered by CSPs probably cover 80 percent of application hosting solutions most businesses need. The rest can be taken care by a versatile CSP such as Apps4Rent that offers managed services expertise on Microsoft, non-Microsoft, and hybrid platforms, domain management, secure certificates, migrations, on-premise implementations, virtualization, design, networking, and hosting, among others.

24/7 End User Support

Imagine the plight of typical IT administrator in a medium-sized business. He or she is the go-to person for any IT-related issue in the office or company. There are request tickets and emails popping up, IMs blinking, and calls buzzing on the support desk, all with alarming regularity. A few people are hovering around the administrator’s workstation. The last thing the administrator needs is the load of supporting end-users of Microsoft 365.

However, once Microsoft 365 is up and running, the end-user support is still the internal IT’s responsibility. As per the terms and conditions, the end-users cannot directly approach Microsoft support. All problems have to be routed through a single person, who was designated as the administrator at the time of procuring Microsoft 365.

In such situations, a CSP can add real value. The end-users can directly get in touch with the CSP’s support team, by just picking up the phone, or sending over a quick email, any time of the night or day. Get responses from real people, in real time. They can get all their questions answered, issues resolved, no matter how small. The IT administrator would have been left in peace, allowing him to look after the IT needs of the business that makes the money in the first place.

 Get the best out of the evolving Microsoft 365 platform.

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