Why (and how) businesses are moving to the Cloud

Why companies are moving to the Cloud

Businesses are moving to the cloud for a variety of reasons. Here are the top five:

1. Lowered capital expenditures. With cloud computing, the cloud provider supplies all the hardware (servers, storage devices, firewalls, switches, routers) that you would traditionally have to purchase and manage yourself. Moving to the cloud helps you eliminate these regular capital costs.

2. Lowered operating expenses. Because the cloud requires less infrastructure to maintain, you require fewer staff and fewer resources to maintain it. Moving to the cloud helps you reduce your operating costs in the long run.

3. Reduced opportunity costs. Large capital expenditures come with an opportunity cost. When you invest in a new on-premises server implementation, that’s money you cannot spend on other initiatives. Moving to the cloud replaces large capital expenditures with recurring monthly fees.

4. Increased agility. Moving to the cloud makes scaling up and down a lot easier. You pay only for what you need now, without worrying about long-term changes. You no longer have to plan capacity for the next five years, because you can rapidly and easily scale up if your needs change.

5. Improved availability and reliability. Moving data to the cloud reduces downtime and data loss. Most cloud providers have service level agreements that guarantee 99%+ uptime. Maintaining availability and reliability is much easier when your infrastructure is managed by a cloud provider that provides redundancy and high-speed connections.

10 Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration

Moving applications and workloads to the cloud is a complex, resource-intensive undertaking. Planning, prioritizing, and making informed decisions every step of the way are critical to a successful transition.

Here are some steps to achieving a successful migration:

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