Simple tips to save on your Microsoft 365 renewals

When looking at Microsoft 365, many costs stack up beyond the initial licensing fees. And no, Microsoft isn’t scamming you. It’s often the result of poor license management. Many of these are hidden or go unnoticed as your organization scales business operations.

But don’t worry; we can guide you so you can tighten up your processes and prevent your Microsoft 365 subscription from springing a money leak. At Plow Networks, we help our clients optimize their technology and advise on how to prevent issues like this.

We’ll share our top tips on how to maximize your Microsoft 365 subscription so you can save money.

Reallocate unused licenses

Optimizing licenses alongside rapid adoption means managing the constantly changing needs of users. Tracking assigned and relevant licenses constantly can be overwhelming for larger or growing organizations. In many cases, organizations often have more enabled units than consumed units. Reallocating them helps you control excess licensing costs.


Locate users who are “over-licensed”

If we investigate that notion of irrelevant licensing use deeper, we’ll understand that Microsoft 365 licenses come in various tiers. You will most commonly find E3 and E5 licenses at the enterprise end. Not every user in the organization will require the extra features that an E5 license covers. Make sure only those who need higher-tier licenses are equipped accordingly.


Get HR involved

Like in a household, reducing expenses is most effective when more people are involved. Get your HR team to pitch in. Integrating Microsoft 365 automated user provision with your HR’s Joiners/Movers/Leavers processes could help ensure you’re only purchasing the actual number of licenses you need come the renewal period.

In addition, it also helps you monitor for free licenses that you can reuse when employees leave. You can then use those to ensure new employees can access Microsoft 365 functionality from day one.


Decentralized Duplication

Inadvertent technology duplication can happen in any size organization, but it can also be a problem when divisions buy their own tools. During the pandemic, teams had to move quickly to facilitate remote work, leading to a wide variety of tools with video conferencing features.

There’s no denying that video tools like Zoom were the “hot” communication tool of 2020. However, if you’re looking to save on unnecessary expenses, there is no question that paying for Zoom when you already have access to Teams as part of your Microsoft subscription may be duplicative and unnecessary. Inventory all the licenses you pay for and their use to see if consolidation is possible under one provider.


Get a Professional Microsoft review

If you don’t feel you have the resources to perform a self-audit of licenses, you can always get a technology consultant to review your current software subscriptions and licenses. Working with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider can also help identify bundles of subscriptions and licenses that may align more with your business needs. You may find that right-sizing your bundle saves you significant expenses on unnecessary licenses and opens the door for further product discounts for re-upping with a different plan.

Get an audit of your Microsoft 365 subscriptions with Plow Networks today. More often than not, we’ll discover multiple opportunities for savings and cost reductions.

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