Why cybersecurity is more than just an IT problem

Cyber Security Is A Business Risk, Not Just An IT Problem

With Cyber Security Awareness Month in full swing, we are not missing an opportunity to talk about the importance of cybersecurity.

The truth is that data breaches are now somewhat of an inevitability, which is significant given that the majority of organizations rely on the internet to run their business.

With cybersecurity remaining a top business priority for the foreseeable future, gone are the days when companies could pass the headaches of cyber security to the IT department. It has become more of a business issue too.

Evolving cybersecurity

The types of threats businesses face are changing. Hacking software is becoming more sufficient, increasing the impact that hackers can have on a business.

These advancements mean it really is crucial for organizations to reevaluate their approach to cybersecurity, especially in the era of cloud and mobility. As businesses become more digitized, they are exposed to an increasing number of threats if they do not manage the risk of security properly.

Once a business starts to think about how cybersecurity can affect core business assets, it can start to build a security structure for and around the digital business, not as an afterthought, but as an integral function.

Using technology to transform business

Digital transformation is a powerful business enabler with many potential benefits, from added flexibility for employees to cost savings and improved efficiency. Ultimately, digital transformation comes down to using technology and data to drive innovation and better business outcomes.

Much is going on within the context of digital transformation but cybersecurity is barely mentioned when a company draws up plans for increasing sales. In fact, many users do not want connectivity, speed, performance, and customer experience to be affected by security solutions.

This is not the case with new technology anymore. These days, security solutions can even be done in the cloud. Just like cyber security, a transformation must involve input from all aspects of the business, not just IT. Fortunately, technologies available to businesses for cyber security are adapting and so is the importance of utilizing these technologies to address it.

Cultivate a Cyber Security Culture

As long as businesses continue to see cybersecurity as a technology problem and not as something that will affect revenues, success, and client retention, businesses will remain vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated attackers.

All in all, cyber security is not just the responsibility of the IT crowd , nor is it the responsibility of the business alone. For businesses wanting to take the first step towards a safer cyber environment, input is needed from all areas of the business to strengthen the preventative strategies against an attack and mitigate major interruption to business operations when the inevitable happens.

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