The benefits of VDI

VDI Technology Comes Out on Top

In today’s world of technology, it seems like things are changing in the blink of an eye. Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to manage Iinfrastructure more securely and efficiently. This is part of the reason why many businesses are now looking to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology. To explain briefly, VDI technology hosts desktop operating systems within a virtualized machine on a centralized server 

This technology comes with some major benefits…

No Training Required

When adopting a new technology, you often have to accept the fact that learning new technology can be a struggle for some of your team. It then becomes important to provide the appropriate training and tools to help with learning new processes or skills. However, if you adopt VDI then you’re in luck, as this is not the case.

In most of the ways we use our computer, VDIs and traditional desktops have more similarities than differences. The interface is basically the same: it looks like Microsoft Windows because it is Microsoft Windows. A virtual desktop runs the same applications. Therefore, running your apps and completing your work on your VDI and traditional desktop should be the same experience. In fact, if someone walked up behind you and looked over your shoulder while you were working, they wouldn’t be able to tell whether you were working on VDI or traditional desktop. 

Greater Accessibility

A virtual desktop is available from virtually anywhere over an internet connection and you can log on with a PC, Mac, Laptop, iPad, smartphone or a terminal. This is crucial with today’s workforce where work happens on trains, in coffees shops and outside of the normal 9am – 5pm schedule.

It’s also important to note that because you are running the virtual desktop at a data center, none of your data resides on the local device. If you lose your device or it gets stolen, your data is not at risk. The virtual desktop is backed up, patched, and managed by the provider. Bingo! And if you need more storage or a new app, you can just log in to the control panel and add it; the next time you log in, it will be there for you.  


Administrative tasks are easier with the centralized desktop management in VDI. A single image is used to deploy multiple user desktops across the environment. This makes it possible to deploy thousands of laptops and desktops in less time and at a lower cost. Updates, changes, patches and bug fixes can be done across the entire environment simply by updating the desktop image and then rolling it out to all users. The next time users log on, they will have the updated image and still have all of their settings in place. If a problem occurs with an update, it can also easily be rolled back to the previous image. 


With VDI, data and images exist on the server, safely behind firewalls and other data center security protocols. This makes it easier to detect and isolate threats, and if a device is lost or stolen, the data won’t be at risk. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can add levels of backup and disaster recovery as well. In the case of failure or catastrophic event, devices can be restored quickly and easily from a disaster recovery site. 

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