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Top 10 reasons to move to the Cloud

Why Cloud?

The Cloud can offer new opportunities for businesses, remove the hard stuff of managing and deploying servers and allow them to focus on their core business.

That being said, we thought we would share our top ten benefits of the Cloud.

Cost effectiveness

There are many reasons why the Cloud is cheaper. The most obvious of them is that Cloud Providers are able to benefit from economies of scale and thus be able to offer more computing power at a lower cost. There are other reasons such as paying for only what you use and being able to scale resources up or down as and when required.

Quick and easy set up

With traditional systems, the time taken to commission, implement and configure services is generally measured in weeks or months. With Cloud services, a business can get services up and running within a matter of hours.

No maintenance

Maintaining up to date software is one of the biggest headaches faced by the IT department. With the Cloud, ongoing upgrades are performed automatically as part of the normal service delivery and done on a regular basis behind the scenes with little or no interruption.

Staff optimization

Cloud computing can help improve employee productivity in a variety of ways, from streamlining communications to reducing downtime and facilitating collaboration.

No long-term contracts

Cloud computing charges based on usage. The pay-as-you-go method means there are no wasted resources, since users only pay for services procured, rather than provisioning for a certain amount of resources that may or may not be used.

Economies of scales

Cloud computing allows online access to a centralized data storage and other resources. This leads to economies of scale as multi-tenancy based solutions are deployed on one piece of hardware, with pooled resources that are shared among different users.


One of the biggest challenges facing businesses is how to cope with peaks and troughs of demand and even getting the capacity planning right from the outset to meet future growth. Aside from the cost there are often technical limitations or challenges to easily scale systems without interruption with traditional infrastructure. Cloud simplifies this.


With its ability for rapid provisioning of computing resources and scaling those resources to align with changing business needs, the Cloud is the epitome of agility.


Employees today are accessing company data from a variety of devices and from a variety of locations. This flexibility is made easier by the use of Cloud services and makes the mobile device experience better.

Instantaneously Global

Cloud computing allows businesses to operate from anywhere, and therefore to extend their global reach. You can upload an image of a receipt in Europe, and moments later, in America, your manager could access your server to approve the cost.


In any virtual system, there’s the chance that failures could happen. A reputable Cloud Provider will always ensure that your data is stored on multiple machines, and in compliance with any regulations that apply to your industry.


Improved availability and decreased downtime and outages are one of the biggest benefits of moving to cloud-based infrastructure and applications. The inherent elastic and managed nature of the Cloud can immediately solve many of the headaches of guaranteeing availability, while cloud-savvy system and application design can improve uptime odds even further.

Ease of use

The Cloud is adaptable. It offers virtually unlimited storage capacity relative to typical hard drive and server limits. If you need more storage, it’s instantly available. Since your business data is stored in the Cloud, your employees will be able to access software and data anywhere from nearly any device that has Internet connection.

If you are unsure about I from the traditional way of computing, contact us and we can connect you with one of our experts.

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