The importance of digital adoption in the workplace

Why Digital Adoption Matters

Let’s start by defining digital adoption. Digital adoption is achieving a state where technology tools are being used to their fullest extent. This is sometimes confused with digital transformation, which is defined as the acceleration of business activities, processes, and models to fully leverage the opportunities and impact of new digital technologies in a strategic way.

Essentially, in order for digital transformation to happen, digital adoption is crucial and today’s business leaders have to be aware of this. According to IDG’s 2018 report, 89% of organizations have plans to adopt a digital-first business strategy. Now that we’ve covered digital adoption, let’s dig into the reasons why it is important in today’s workplace.

Digital adoption is the future

The most obvious reason is simple – no matter how effective or efficient a new software is, it’s only as good as the number of people using it properly within your organization. The findings of the IDG report prove that digital adoption is already occurring within the majority of businesses. Digital transformation is the future and organizations that fail to establish a good digital adoption strategy will soon be left behind. Having cutting-edge technology is becoming a necessity in today’s data-driven business climate. That said, your organization’s ability to understand the implications of adoption and the best ways to implement it is crucial.

Digital adoption helps you better understand your customers

Digital adoption offers clear competitive advantage. A customer first approach is a strategy that sets businesses apart. While we all know that technology is helping advance businesses – it specifically helps organizations understand their customers motivations, wants, and patterns better than ever before. Using digitally–driven programs, every department can access data that will help them improve the customer experience.  

Embracing change leads to further innovation and growth

With the ability to pick and choose the ideal technology solutions, organizations can find new ways to grow and change for the better. When properly used and implemented, digital adoption means that your business can do more in less time and with less effort. To sustain a business along its growth trajectory, new programs and tactics will need to be utilized to support the evolving standards of the customer experience.

The best way for organizations that are experiencing periods of rapid expansion will find that adopting a digital-first approach will allow them to grow successfully. More and more business leaders are recognizing that digital adoption can make or break a modern-day organization, and the need for cohesive leadership that is ready to take on this challenge is more essential than ever.

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