What is 5G technology and how will it impact IoT?

February COmmunIT Breakfast

You’ve probably heard of 5G technology and how much more advanced it is than current 4G technology. 5G is predicted to dramatically change the Internet of Things (IOT) very soon. At our February CommunIT Breakfast, local leaders came together to discuss what exactly 5G technology is and what its impact will look like on business.

What is 5G Technology?

5G stands for the fifth generation of mobile connectivity. A few years ago, LTE or what we know as 4G connectivity arrived to shake the smartphone world and boost data transmission speed, a concept we are now very familiar with. However, it seems that what we experienced at that time will pale in comparison to the vast array of possibilities carried by this new generation of wireless connectivity.

5G network plunges us into the age of everything connected or the IOT that will tie all internet connected devices together. 5G technology will utilize a higher-frequency band of the wireless spectrum called millimeter wave that allows data to be transferred much more rapidly than the lower-frequency band dedicated to 4G. With 5G, users will be able to browse the internet, upload or download videos, and use data-intensive apps or features such as virtual reality much more quickly and smoothly than is currently possible. When describing the difference between 4G and 5G it has been said rather than being a step up, 5G is a whole new floor.

The Impact

5G is the key technology that will allow millions of devices to be connected simultaneously, even in highly populated areas. This means linking a smartphone to your garage door, or your alarm clock to your coffee maker, so you can wake up and find freshly brewed coffee.

But there´s still so much more to it. 5G technology could help Car2Car connections, allowing real time feed about traffic conditions and accidents, making them increasingly more efficient and safer. The same could happen with 360 virtual reality, which would likely take advantage of the new capabilities 5G offers.

Essentially, 5Gs impact will go beyond mobile broadband and impact self-sustaining modern human establishments like smart cities, robotics and self-driving cars, and foster innovation in critical sectors such as health care, agriculture and education, changing the world as we know it.

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