Does your business’s network design need an overhaul?

Is it time to rebuild your network from scratch?

Just when you think you’ve got a pretty good system worked out, advancements drive you towards new acquisitions just to “stay in the game.”

Before you know it, your system has slowed, and you are overwhelmed.  Frustration sets in, and you start to think that maybe it’s time to call in the network experts for a revamp of your network design.

Partnering with a professional managed IT services firm for your network services will give your company the robust IT efficiency you require. An MSP can customize plans based on your specific needs that maximize the latest in current technologies and streamline your in-house infrastructure.

What is network design?

Essentially, network design is the integration of existing IT infrastructure with the end goal of improving and simplifying your entire network.

There are a number of steps involved in making this process happen.

A comprehensive assessment of your current IT infrastructure

Before any business can begin to formulate a network support strategy, what’s first needed is to have a thorough understanding of your existing IT assets and where you want to go. From there, an MSP can recommend resources to procure and identify IT aspects that just aren’t working for you. But it all begins with an assessment.

Planning for the future

Once you establish what you have and where you want to be, you then need to formulate a plan to get you there. Your goals will determine what technology you need – not a cookie cutter spreadsheet. Each network design should be uniquely suited to the unique business.

Strategy for operations and maintenance

It’s important to know who is responsible for what tasks within your business. Do you plan to outsource all IT management? Do you have one key employee to handle your IT needs for you? These are critical things to consider in designing a network support plan for you.

Important factors to consider with network design

There are some important things to consider with any network service redesign.

Visualize your ideal system

Every great leader has a vision, and your network design requires one as well. Knowing what you want is the first step to getting you there. An MSP will take the time to help you discover what your network services should do for you. Having a clear idea of what you want out of your IT environment is a critical step in getting you to where you want to be with your network solutions.

Consider the cost

Unfortunately, everything does come back to cost. What can you afford to spend for a network services overhaul? Professional managed IT service providers can take your vision and scale it to meet your budget. The name of the game is increased efficiency and productivity, but you need to take care that your efforts to achieve this do not become cost prohibitive.

Evaluate new capabilities

It’s important to understand what implementing this new system can and cannot do for you.  Looking toward the future, are there any limitations that will eventually need to be overcome? Does what you’re putting in place have a “best before date” that will require another overhaul in the not too distant future? Is the payoff going to be worth the payout?  These are all important considerations when thinking about a network design change.  There needs to be measurable improvement and benefits for your business.

Services your network design team should offer

Knowing what you need is key to helping you find the right IT support partner. Not every company offering managed IT services will be the right “fit” for your company.

Here are some services you should look for when considering outsourcing your network design needs to a managed IT services company. Do they have the capability to serve you in the areas of:

Streamline your IT infrastructure into a seamless productivity experience.

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