Outlook for Android will require Android 8.0 or above starting May 23, 2022

February 17, 2022

Beginning May 23, 2022, Outlook for Android will no longer support Android 7.1 or below. Users will need to upgrade their Android operating system to Android 8.0

Note: If your organization does not utilize Android, you can safely disregard this message.

Key points:

Timing: May 23, 2022
Action: update devices running Android 7.x to Android 8

How this will affect your organization:

If users in your organization are using Outlook for Android on phones running an older version of Android, they will no longer be able to update to newer versions of Outlook for Android when this change is implemented.

What you need to do to prepare:

Please ensure that all users in your organization update their operating system to Android 8.0 or newer.

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