You’re wasting money. You just don’t know where.

Our optimization services make optimizing your technology spending easier by providing a comprehensive view of your entire IT landscape, so you can eliminate waste and reallocate investments to critical IT initiatives.

Utilize your technology budgets to drive business strategy.

By eliminating wasted spend on things that don’t add value to the business, your teams can redirect the savings toward new technology investments.

Without a comprehensive analysis of all bills and eligible credits, identifying where your business can cut costs is hard. With Plow Networks, you can reduce telecom costs, improve operations, and simplify management – a challenge for even the most successful organizations.


What state are your software licenses in? Are they all earning their keep? Or are too many sitting idle, rolling from one renewal to the next, wasting money? Tackling these issues is a challenge, especially if you’re using multiple inventory technologies. We give you the power to make every asset pay its way, reducing risk and generating huge cost savings.


With such financial strain on budgets, many businesses are opting out of support contracts. This can be a risky choice. We help you understand your actual support needs and evaluate your current SLAs to determine if they still match these needs.


We know you need a complete picture of your costs for both on-premises and cloud environments. By optimizing your hardware and software buying strategy, we can ensure your solutions are affordable, reliable, long-lasting and require little maintenance.


We help to minimize the complexity surrounding cloud license management and gain insight into the ongoing usage of your cloud implementations so you can effectively manage costs, maximize investments and quickly adapt to changing business priorities.

Every dollar you spend is important. Let us help you maximize your budget.

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