Holistic network monitoring.

Our holistic approach to monitoring your network means we can proactively identify connection issues before they become a problem.

Easy-to-use cloud-based networking monitoring and management—without the hassle.

Traditional monitoring of network hosts is no longer enough. With the amount of traffic passing through today’s networks, you need to dig deeper and get network traffic metrics at the process level.

Some businesses we support:

Prevent, detect, and resolve issues quickly.

  • Get notified proactively with pre-configured monitoring & alerts
  • Spot anomalies fast with traffic analysis tools
  • Easily identify root cause with up-to-date device logs

Always know what’s on your network.

  • Automatically discover distributed IT assets
  • See exactly where every device is connected
  • See changes to the network in real-time

Cloud-based secure network management.

  • Network data is encrypted using AES-256
  • Control access by user and location
  • Automated security updates to give you peace of mind

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