The hows, whys and benefits of employee-choice programs

What is employee choice program?

Traditionally, employers purchased work devices, stored them until new employees needed them, and then deployed them all at once.

With an Employee Choice Program, employers offer their employees a chance to choose their work devices. Many businesses offer this choice to both the new joiners and employees looking to refresh their old work devices.

Allowing employees to select their own devices is an easy way to show them that their employer values their opinions and wants them to succeed. It translates into them feeling valued.

Benefits of employee choice program

It’s already clear that the employee choice program improves employee satisfaction. In addition, it has got way more benefits in its bag.

1. Employee retention: Most businesses would agree on the fact that it is costlier to hire a new employee than to retain an experienced one. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give your existing employees the best job satisfaction. Employees prefer to work in a company that offers the choice. It increases their satisfaction, which in turn increases the chance for them to continue working at that company.  

2. Boost innovation, performance, and creativity: Employees who work on their preferred work devices work more efficiently. They can adapt to their platform of choice quicker and work faster. When employees get the devices they are the most comfortable with, they can execute their responsibilities quickly, without being bogged down by learning an unfamiliar technology.

Did you know?

The number of employees quitting from any company peaked in mid-2021. This trend was named ‘The Great Resignation’. It was due to a combined effect of the pandemic and poor employee satisfaction.

3. Attract new hires: Businesses can have an upper hand over gaining new talent when they offer them a chance to choose work devices. New hires need to get platforms that are easier for them to adapt and use. It will give employees the impression that their employer is concerned about providing chances to excel.

4. Total cost of ownership of devices: Total cost of ownership accounts for the amount of capital a company has to spend on its technologies during its entire lifecycle. Employee Choice Program helps to reduce the total cost of ownership. When employees are choosing devices that they are familiar with, it reduces the need for support and other related costs. This will reduce the total cost of ownership of that device. 

How to implement it?

Businesses should implement the Employee Choice Program only after consulting with their IT team. They need to make sure that their company has all the resources and infrastructure to perfectly manage and support a mixed-use environment.

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