The benefits of Backup as a Service

What is Backup as a Service (BaaS) and why should your company be using it?

Backup as a service (BaaS) is an approach to backing up data that involves purchasing backup and recovery services from an online data backup provider. Instead of performing backup with a centralized, on-premise IT department, BaaS connects systems to a private, public or hybrid cloud, managed by the outside provider.

Every company has data, in fact, it could be argued that data is the essence of any organization. Consequently, backup and recovery are so imperative. Data loss can be destructive to a company. Therefore, many companies are turning to BaaS. BaaS offers many benefits including convenience, safety, affordability, ease of recovery and peace of mind.


The convenience BaaS offers is indisputable. Everything that BaaS does is automated. Once the system is set up, all information will be saved as it comes in. There is no longer a need to stop, save, track and label information. With BaaS, you can spend less time on data saving and more time focusing on the responsibilities of your role.


With all of your data backed up in BaaS, none of your information is subject to hackers, natural disasters, or even user error. In fact, data that is stored in the BaaS is encrypted, which is the most effective way to achieve data security – minimizing the risks your data can be subject to.


Not only are the initial set up costs of BaaS more cost effective than the alternatives, the entire process is ultimately more affordable. Instead of a centralized, expensive, on premise IT department, an off-site provider keeps things low cost. Everything from the media on which the backups are stored and the transportation of media to a remote location for safekeeping, to the IT labor required to manage and troubleshoot, backup systems will end up saving your company time and money.

Easy of Recovery

BaaS offers multiple levels of redundancy, which means that your BaaS stores multiple copies of your data in locations independent of each other. This is so if data is lost or deleted, something that most frequently happens through individual user error or deletion, backups are available and easily located.

The more levels you have stored, the better, because each level ensures that your data is safeguarded against loss as much as possible. This allows your organization to access a backed-up version of your data if it ever gets lost.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the biggest benefit of BaaS is knowing that your data is being handled by the experts. This peace of mind will free everyone in your company to focus on doing their work, instead of worrying about saving it all.

Data is the essence of any organization. Let the experts handle your backup and recovery services. Contact Plow today.

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