Cut the $hIT Recapped: The importance of telecom infrastructure and the future of Fiber

Host and Plow Networks’ COO Bryan Link is joined by Executive Vice President at Mears Group, Inc. Trent Edwards to discuss the current state of telecom infrastructure. Having spent over 20 years in the telecom industry, Trent is the perfect person to teach us all about fiber.

You’ve definitely heard of fiber, but what is it?

WTH is fiber?

If you use the internet, which, seeing as you are reading this, it’s safe to say you do, you’ve probably heard the term “fiber”, but what does that really mean? In this episode, Trent takes us all to school on all things fiber. At its core, fiber is a broadband connection that delivers high-speed internet through fiber optic cables. If you remember episode 11 with Andrew Blum this is a kind of “physical internet” he is referring to in his book Tubes.

Everyone needs the Internet.

Throughout the episode, Trent reiterates the crucial role internet connectivity plays in our everyday lives. No matter where you live, you need the Internet. Although this is true there are many rural areas throughout the country that have historically had very limited access to Internet. These rural areas were largely affected by COVID-19 and the move to virtual work, school, and everyday socializing.

The great build.

The episode wraps up with Bryan asking Trent what makes him excited as he looks toward the future of fiber. He expresses his excitement for the opportunity to expand broadband infrastructure as the world continues the expand the power infrastructure through what the industry is calling “the great build”. Trent is optimistic that the great build will have a rippling effect on the telecom industry, giving them the power infrastructure they need to expand broadband to these rural and underserved communities.

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