Five challenges to overcome: ensure data protection in a Cloud-first world

The rapid shift to digital business models that use cloud services, such as Microsoft 365 and SaaS, has completely changed the way organizations collect, analyze, and leverage distributed data within their business. Data is more valuable than it ever has been, and this shift introduces tremendous benefits as well as significant new challenges.

Unfortunately, point solution deployments, such as cloud access security broker (CASB), secure web gateway (SWG), data loss prevention (DLP), or cloud security posture management (CSPM), typically focus on a single application type or deployment, and create data protection gaps that leave organizations exposed.

Encrypted traffic hides data loss

Solution: Decryption of traffic must be built on a highly-scalable architecture able to decrypt 100 percent of sessions across SaaS and public cloud applications

Gaps between data protection services

Solution: An easily scalable, SASE-based (secure access service edge), cloud-delivered offering that protects data across all cloud applications and users.

Limited context when controlling data usage

Solution: A cloud offering that uses an enterprise-class data classification engine that provides in-depth, content-based analysis along with context on user location, identity, posture, and behavior.

Poor user experience

Solution: Data protection should be delivered consistently as a unified offering and built upon an architecture that ensures a low latency and high-bandwidth connection.

Compliance violations across clouds

Solution: A platform that delivers compliance reporting and insights to quickly evaluate and remediate violations across all clouds and SaaS apps.

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