Your security posture impacts your cyber insurance premiums.

A survey found that 34% of respondents have been previously denied cyber coverage by insurance providers due to not meeting EDR eligibility requirements.*
Whether it’s your first time applying for coverage or you’re looking for a renewal, fill out this form to talk with one of our experts to determine if your cybersecurity program can meet the changing insurance coverage requirements. Once you do…
  • You’ll get an email asking for a bit more information we need to determine your eligibility
  • Someone from our team will reach out to you with your diagnosis which includes recommendations
  • We’ll help put a security framework in place to lower your cyber risk and make you a better coverage candidate
*Sussman, Bruce. (2022, November 21). The State of Cyber Insurance 2022 [Research]
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Without a defined set of security protections in place, your company won’t be able to get coverage.

Listen to Plow Networks’ Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Evolve MGA, the largest cyber insurance specialist company in the United States, talk about the rates and requirements of cyber insurance providers.


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