Maximizing Efficiency and Minimizing Costs with TenantDetective™: A Deep Dive into Microsoft 365 Optimization

Microsoft 365 License Optimization in Four Steps

In the realm of modern business operations, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. One area where organizations often overlook potential savings is in their Microsoft 365 subscriptions. With the advent of Plow Networks’ TenantDetective™, however, companies now have a powerful tool at their disposal to analyze their Microsoft 365 usage data and make informed decisions on cost reduction strategies.

Understanding TenantDetective™

TenantDetective™, developed by Plow Networks, leverages a proprietary set of algorithms to delve into your company’s Microsoft 365 usage data. Its primary goal? To provide actionable recommendations aimed at slashing unnecessary spending. By identifying unused licenses and rationalizing subscriptions for over-licensed users, TenantDetective™ helps organizations streamline their Microsoft 365 expenses without sacrificing productivity.

The Process: From Access Granting to Recommendations

  1. Access Granting: Before TenantDetective™ can work its magic, organizations must grant read-only access to their Microsoft tenant. This step ensures that TenantDetective™ can gather the necessary data for analysis. Importantly, organizations retain full control, as they can revoke access at any time. Additionally, access is automatically disabled after 30 days unless otherwise instructed by the organization.
  2. Configuration: Once access is granted, organizations are guided through a few simple steps to optimize the data collection process. This includes disabling the default setting that obscures usernames in usage reporting within Microsoft 365. By doing so, TenantDetective™ can accurately ingest and align the data for thorough analysis.
  3. Analysis: With access configured, TenantDetective™ takes the reins, employing its proprietary algorithms to scrutinize the Microsoft 365 usage data. This comprehensive analysis forms the foundation for generating actionable recommendations tailored to each organization’s unique needs.
  4. Recommendations: Upon completion of the analysis, organizations are presented with a summary of recommendations aimed at reducing Microsoft 365 costs. These recommendations highlight the potential impact of eliminating unused licenses and rationalizing subscriptions, providing valuable insights into potential savings opportunities.

Unlocking Granular Insights

For organizations seeking a deeper understanding of their Microsoft 365 usage and optimization opportunities, TenantDetective™ offers a comprehensive report filled with granular recommendations. By filling out a brief form, organizations can gain access to this detailed analysis, setting the stage for further discussions with the Plow Networks team.

Conclusion: Empowering Organizations for Success

In an era where every penny counts, tools like TenantDetective™ represent a significant asset for organizations looking to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. By harnessing the power of data analytics and proprietary algorithms, TenantDetective™ equips organizations with the insights needed to make informed decisions regarding their Microsoft 365 subscriptions. With its user-friendly interface and actionable recommendations, TenantDetective™ is more than just a cost-saving tool—it’s a partner in organizational success.

Excited about TenantDetective? Take the first step by filling out a quick form to get started. If you’re not quite ready yet, dive deeper into the streamlined approach of acquiring your Microsoft 365 licenses with Plow Networks right here.

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