The more you spend with us, the less you spend in general.

It makes sense to plan a regular technology refresh, but it’s important that you get the best value from your budget.
Let’s say you’ve evaluated your technology options and you’ve made your choice. You may think that’s the most important decision and the hard part is over, right? Wrong. Deciding what to buy is only half the battle. It’s now time to decide how to buy the solution.
Organizations often ask themselves the obvious question: what do I buy? But so often, they overlook an equally important question: how should I buy?

Your business matters to us.

With so many options these days, it’s easy to become confused on which direction to go with your technology needs, and managing the processes involved in purchasing solutions can be intimidating. Not only that, but it requires time out of your already business schedule.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and make informed recommendations based on your business and technical requirements. With flexible purchasing options, we can recommend the technology that that best fits your business.

Our experts are here to empower you to make most strategic decisions possible. We ensure that every step in the sourcing and implementation process goes smoothly and can even provide ongoing support to ensure the procurement tools remain effective in the long-term.

Tried and trusted technologies.

Our expertise comes from decades of experience with products in the marketplace so our clients can benefit from only the best technologies that advance their business goals.

We prides ourselves in the certified partnerships we have built over these years. Because of this, our clients receive access to technologies that will give them rock-solid performance.

The products we resell provide value beyond order fulfillment for our clients, and we make sure your investment in them will service you well into the future.

Traditional Capital Expenditure

Truth be told, cash is always an option. This means paying cash or getting a loan and making payments to your lender. When you acquire equipment through capital spending, you own it, plain and simple. Through your up-front investment, you have total control over its use, location, and disposition. Traditionally, there are two significant benefits of CapEx:

  • Your company will own the product outright, so you can alter and tweak it as you need.
  • Once owned, you don’t continue paying for it.


There’s a common misconception among customers that cash is king and is the way to go when purchasing technology equipment. However, before you jump to the cash conclusion, you might want to consider a few things:

  • Technology depreciates at a breakneck pace, even faster than a new car.
  • Borrowing from the bank dries out your credit line that you may need down the road.
  • Due to the Time Value of Money, money in hand today is worth more than in the future.

The leasing option is ideal for customers who know from the get go that they intend to own the leased solution at the end of term.

Purchasing on a lease allows you to pay as your go, on a monthly or quarterly basis. This can free up budget dollars for more bottom line revenue producing projects. With a  lease, your risk of getting caught with obsolete technology is lower because you can build upgrades and add-ons into the lease.

Technology Equipment as a Service

Plow Networks offers an exclusive monthly payment option that allows you to procure your technology equipment-as-a-service. Bundle in your solution and support services into a convenient monthly payment. Technology equipment-as-a-service keeps you at the forefront of technology. You never have to worry about obsolete technology holding you back.

As-a-service is becoming the preferred way to pay for technology versus capital expense payment options such as leasing, bank loans, and cash purchases.


  • Solution Replacement Guarantee
  • Act of God Coverage
  • Convenient monthly payment
  • As-a-Service Benefit

Ask us about our Transparent Resale Model.

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