April COmmunIT Breakfast

The Importance of Managing Overwhelming Data In today’s digital age, data is king. It is easily one of the most important assets of businesses today. It is the foundation of information and the basis of how decisions are made. However, many businesses, including yours, may have an overwhelming amount of data, making it hard to make effective and efficient use of it. Effective decisions are only made [...] Read more

February COmmunIT Breakfast

What is 5G technology and how will it impact IOT? You’ve probably heard of 5G technology and how much more advanced it is than current 4G technology. 5G is predicted to dramatically change the Internet of Things (IOT) very soon. At our February CommunIT Breakfast, local leaders came together to discuss what exactly 5G technology is and what its impact [...] Read more

October COmmunIT Breakfast

Business and People: Why Relationships are Essential for a Successful Business It is undeniable that technology is continuing to grow and shape the business world. Technology encourages innovation within the workplace and is constantly evolving how organization's operate if they choose to embrace it. This constant change also comes along with a significant cost change; a cost that can be [...] Read more

October COmmunIT Breakfast

Surround yourself, connect, and build relationships with like-minded people over tasty breakfast, strong coffee, and good conversation at Plow’s mindshare session. This month’s COmmunIT Breakfast will be focused around the CFO Playbook with special guest, Shannon Farrington, CFO Premise Health.

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