Ensure the availability of your business critical applications.

Ensure the availability of services whenever needed.

Availability of IT services really matters. After all, why should you pay for a service that isn’t there when you need it?

We know that it’s important that your asset’s production potential is being maximized because it has a direct impact on the financial health of your business.

MonitorPath® explores new ways to decrease downtime and make your operation more efficient.




Your business and system availability.

Our team will work with you to determine what it is that you need availability for, and what impact the loss of availability has on you.

We will get to know your business needs and understand the impact of downtime:

  • Which of your business functions are so critical that protecting them from downtime is a priority?
  • How does the length of any downtime affect your business?
  • How does the frequency of downtime affect your business?
  • What impact does downtime have on your business’s productivity?
  • What impact does downtime have on your business’s customers?

Minimize IT downtime.

Downtime has the biggest impact on availability. Our team works 24x7x365 to see that the agreed SLA target is met, and provides figures proving it has been met when reporting to you.

Our engineering team will determine the cause of the problem, analyze any related trends, and then takes the steps to ensure service availability according to SLAs.

Monitor everything from a single dashboard

Pinpoint bottlenecks through network monitoring

Keeping track of telco circuits.

Remember that awkward moment when you discovered that you still paying for the circuit that was supposes to be decommissioned 2 years ago?


Having things like circuit ID ready and knowing where to call when circuit goes down can make a difference between a 6-hour outage and 30 minutes.

Keeping track of all the contracts for each circuit is also important for managing your budget. Beyond that, the end of a contract offers you the opportunity to negotiate better contract terms for that circuit in the future.

MonitorPath® helps you keep track of all the information related to all your circuits, giving you both a high-level view and a detailed view for every circuit.

Learn how to improve system availability.