For businesses that need minimal Internet access.

Whether your business needs minimal cellular service to keep critical applications like a Point-of-Sale system online, or your business is looking to provide alternate connectivity, 4G allows you to choose the device that suits your business situation and your budget.

4G can be a great solution for small- and medium-sized businesses that need to be connected 24/7. It provides the cellular connection needed to keep email, cloud services, office software, credit card processing and other services running. 4G is an easy, affordable cellular backup internet connection that will keep your business running seamlessly during outages.

A good back-up plan to keep things running smoothly.

Businesses in our hyper-connected world of video conferences and IoT devices require fast, reliable connectivity. 

From remote offices to under-served areas, you need to stay connected 

  • Flexible and affordable 
  • Customized hardware options 

Without stable, fast and affordable internet, it’s hard for a business to stay competitive. If your current connection just isn’t giving you the speeds you need – or if you can’t get connected at all – contact the connectivity experts at Plow Networks. 

4G also has a unique advantage in the form of omnipresent wireless coverage that no other wireless technology can match. For these reasons, 4G is a great starting point for many business use cases. This journey can start today with off-the-shelf technology in networks and devices. 

Your business deserves fast, reliable internet.