Modernizing IT

Modernizing your IT infrastructure is key to driving innovation, improving customer experiences, boosting reliability and security, and staying competitive.

Innovation made real with IT modernization.

What could your business do better if you digitally transformed? In today’s fast-paced, hybrid IT world, being at business speed means overcoming IT complexity to match the speed of actions to the speed of opportunities.  Modern IT should be adaptive, programmable, and consumable. It’s time to find your right mix of hybrid IT.

Converged & Hyperconverged Solutions

Wave goodbye to traditional data center infrastructure.

Say hello to Hyperconvergence.

Rather than having separate enterprise storage, network, and compute, IT leaders are now turning to Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) to break down these silos to not only combine them into a single system, but meet the growing demands of enterprise applications and today’s fast-paced modern business.

HCI simplifies datacenter operations and streamlines the deployment, management and scaling of data center resources. Separate servers, storage networks, and storage arrays can be replaced with a single hyperconverged solution to create an agile datacenter that is easily scalable as your business grows.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud adoption is critical to any IT transformation effort. High-performing organizations focused on responsiveness and time-to-value, as well as those looking to cut total cost of ownership, achieve results with hybrid cloud.

With cloud, it’s never been easier—or faster—to deploy applications. Your business can innovate faster, reduce risks and adapt to ever-changing business needs using proven hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies.


  • Gain cost control
  • Reduce complexity
  • Improve productivity
  • Drive agility


Too many businesses are still manually managing their network. SD-WAN solutions enable distributed enterprises to build a better WAN, or wide-area network, securely connecting users to applications without compromising application performance.

The value of a foundational SD-WAN on its own is clear. It is not only a huge time save for organizations, but increases business agility and boosts performance. It also enables IT to deploy new applications more quickly to accelerate time-to-value.

While an SD-WAN is a critical component of building a better WAN, a complete solution must address a broader set of requirements:

  • Performance: Deliver predictable application performance and quality of service across the WAN
  • Visibility and control: See and control all applications and data running across the WAN
  • Security: Secure and segment all WAN traffic and applications
  • Extensibility: Able to service chain other WAN services and route across the WAN

WAN is about offering a complete range of hardware, software, and cloud-based solutions that provide secure, reliable virtual WAN overlays to connect users to applications.

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