A clear path to the cloud.

Streamlined. Seamless. Standardized. Stress-free. Simple. These words aren’t typically associated with IT migrations, which are often chaotic, expensive and disruptive to daily operations. By partnering with the expert Microsoft 365 consultants at Plow Networks, we can ensure your business’s transition to the cloud is efficient, on time and on budget. 

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Plow Networks is equipped and experienced in cloud-based migrations, enabling businesses to easily and affordably migrate their services to Microsoft 365. 

With our migration solution, Plow Networks offers an end-to-end solution teamed with expert consulting to help guide you; easing the stresses, challenges and complexities involved in migrating systems.

Our tried and tested migration methodology will provide clarity and peace of mind, as our consultants migrate you into your future digital home.

Features and functions to expect with a migration to Microsoft 365 through Plow Networks.

Responsive project management

Secure migration of data and documents

User support, change management and training

Active Directory integration

No loss of business productivity

User licensing provisioning

Mailboxes to Microsoft 365

If you are planning to migrate mailboxes, then it can be quite confusing to understand the steps you need to take and in which order.  

Plow Networks’s expert cloud consultants work proactively with decision makers across your business to design a clear, cost-controlled pathway into the cloud.  


Microsoft 365


Microsoft Exchange





We offer a wide range of migration approaches and tool for businesses of all types and sizes to ensure a smooth migration.

Enterprise Agreement to Cloud Solution Provider

Maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is right for your business, and now it’s time to get your data packed and ready for the big move from the popular and traditional Enterprise Agreement (EA) to your CSP. 

Before you get excited about this transition, you’ll need to ensure this next step is a smooth one, or else you might find your software budget blown in unforeseen spending spikes. 

Plow Networks has the unique capability to transform customers from the traditional Enterprise Agreements model to the new CSP model seamlessly. We can move an EA subscription to CSP without any service disruption and without any modifications to your current estate. 

  • There are no technical changes from EA to CSP required and there is no downtime. 
  • You receive support and Managed Services tailored to your business needs. Based on your preferences regarding support you will receive a Service Level Agreement which complements your business, business processes and team. 

Pay-as-You-Go to Cloud Solution Provider

Migrating workloads from Existing Azure PAYG Subscriptions have become very popular across many businesses recently that are looking at reducing costs. This is one of the main reasons that businesses consider moving to Microsoft CSP Licensing program: the cost benefit they get in-terms of cost compared to paying for a PAYG model by Microsoft.

Transitioning to Plow Networks as your Cloud Solution Provider

Maybe you’re already part of another CSP program and want to move to Plow Networks.

You can become a Plow Networks partner in a few easy steps:

Note: You must be a Global Admin or have Global Admins rights.

2. A Plow Engineer & Optimization specialist will build and delivery an optimization report and quote directly to your inbox

Just sit back, and relax.

Ready to revolutionize how your business runs with Microsoft 365? Our experts make cloud migrations easy.