Our license management process.

Microsoft 365 licenses are managed through our Admin Portal. You must assign a license to user accounts so your users can access Microsoft 365 services, such as email and Microsoft Teams.

You can assign licenses to user accounts either individually or automatically through group membership.

Step One

Login to ms.plow.net using your Microsoft 365 account credentials

Step Two

To add and/or remove licenses to your subscription, select “Subscriptions” under the Services tab

Step Three

Here you will see all of your current licenses within your subscription

Step Four

To add licenses, simply add the number of licenses you want to the total listed in the “quantity” box. For example, if you have 11 E3 licenses already, and you want to add 3 more, put 14 in the “change quantity” box and select “Change”

Step Five

After about five minutes, Microsoft 365 will reflect the additional licenses in the Admin center under Billing>Licenses

A holistic Microsoft 365 administration solution.