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Healthcare organizations are prioritizing the use of technology to optimize the delivery of care. Cloud computing allows for masses of information to be stored without the limitations of additional hardware or servers. Cloud storage protects against the loss of sensitive data with strong backup and recovery services.

Financial Services

With technology becoming a transforming agent for every sector of the financial services industry, from customer service and online banking to fraud detection and more, banks continue to make use of application programming interfaces. Technologies like APIs, artificial intelligence, easier mobile banking, new forms of security authentication and the Internet of Things will help banks modernize their technology and will increasingly be used to enable new services.

Transportation & Logistics

New transportation technologies are emerging to meet challenges, including connected and autonomous vehicles, alternative fuels, keyless fleet management and traffic analytics, as well as local zoning and planning policies that support transit-oriented development. New technology for on-road communications will dramatically change how vehicles operate and provide information and capabilities for better, real-time traffic management.


Retailers are striving to target messaging and marketing to their customers to create a unique, personalized shopping experience. The foundation for this customization is the attempt to harness a massive amount of data that is available to retailers and channel it to the benefit of both the retailers and their customers. One major challenge for retailers is harnessing Big Data and carrying out the analytics that make data meaningful.

Government & Education

Whether it’s leaders and constituents or professors and students, technology can bridge communication divides, help ensure regulatory restrictions are met, and even keep people safer. The data entrusted to new technology must be secure and solutions must be available when they are needed most.


Insurers are making significant investments in data analytics and modeling techniques to improve nearly every part of the business. Insurance companies are working hard to understand which technology and what data and analytics to implement to meet or exceed customer expectations. Always-on technology and data-driven operations means cybersecurity must be proactive and strategic, not reactive and defensive.


The legal industry is morphing into a diverse, global, inter-disciplinary, tech-enabled industry focused on improving access to and delivery of efficient, metric driven, affordable legal services to a wider customer base. Lawyers are already harnessing artificial intelligence to do legal research and leveraging data their websites collect in seconds.

Professional Services

The ability of professionals to derive increased productivity, innovative product offerings and improved service has been greatly enhanced by the power of today’s technology. New technologies are assets to use for growth. Forward-thinking firms increasingly partner with IT service providers to gain a technology edge and transform how they interact with customers.

Real Estate

Real estate is the largest commodity in the world. The process of listing, viewing, buying and selling properties has become much more streamlined in recent years with listing websites, e-signed documents and mobile apps. All of these new innovations—whether they involve hardware, software, websites or mobile apps—are designed with the idea of improving the professionalism of agents and brokers in the eyes of their clients.

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