How To Buy

It makes sense to plan a regular technology refresh.
Get the best value from your budget.

When an organization is evaluating new technology, they often ask themselves the obvious question: what do I buy? But so often, they overlook an equally important question: how should I buy?

There are three ways you can choose to pay for your new technology. Two you are very familiar with; buying and leasing. Both are legitimate options, there is also a third option that operates as a termed rental agreement.

Traditional Capital Expenditure

When you acquire equipment through capital spending, you own it. Through your up-front investment, you have total control over its use, location, and disposition. Traditionally, there are two significant benefits of CapEx: your company will own the product outright, so you can alter and tweak it as you need, and once owned, you don’t continue paying for it.


Purchasing on a lease allows you to pay as your go, on a monthly or quarterly basis. This can free up budget dollars for more bottom line revenue producing projects. With a  lease, your risk of getting caught with obsolete technology is lower because you can build upgrades and add-ons into the lease.

Operationalizing Capital Expenditures

Plow also offers an equipment-as-a-service payment option for your premise based solution which future-proofs your technology equipment and ensures that you will always enjoy the best that technology has to offer. Designed as a termed rental, it allows for a manageable OPEX monthly payment for your technology needs. Different than cash, bank loans, or traditional leasing like a $1 buyout lease, operationalizing capital expenditures allows you to have more control, flexibility, and protection.


  • Protect your business
  • Preserve cash
  • Protect business credit lines
  • Budget cash flow
  • Improve balance sheets
  • Added tax benefits
  • Flexible end of term options

Interested in exploring a better, more simple way to buy IT?