Fully outsource your IT needs so you can meet your business needs.

Modern IT departments are transforming. Keeping the lights on is giving way to driving innovation and strategy. But that doesn’t mean monitoring, securing and optimizing IT infrastructure is any less important.

For small- to medium-sized business, AssistPath Total® allows you to fully outsource your IT needs. We simplify the process of bringing IT solutions to your business by bundling our four core services.

Your one-stop shop for everything IT.

Get access to a full suite of professional services, monitoring, management, and support of your IT environment and IT service assets.

All of our solutions combine industry-leading technologies, proven processes, and highly certified personnel in a convenient and comprehensive bundled service to meet the needs of small-and medium sized-business.

Cloud Solutions

Move fast and gain flexibility with as a Service tools offered through the Cloud

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End User Support

Resolve your team’s technical problems and keep their devices up-to-date so they can stay productive

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Network Services

Ensure your business is always on with the appropriate connectivity for your people and locations

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Security Services

Protect your network, data and end users from security breaches and hacks

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We help all businesses do big business.

Every decision we make, and every recommendation we pass along, revolves around three key things: what you do, how you do it, and how we can help you do it even better – both today and years down the road.

The Cloud Tablet

Get enterprise-level best practices and technologies that not only work for their business now, but are scalable for the future.

See how our client fully outsourced their IT to Plow Networks to access the strategic technology expertise their fast growing business needed.

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IT infrastructure that just works, so you can get back to work.

If your business has an ‘a as Service’ need, we can deliver the technology and services required for a secure, reliable cloud, without the need for a time-consuming, complex IT project. And we operate this service as a fully managed service to ensure your applications are running at peak performance.

Cost Savings

Focus on Core Business

Vendor Consolidation


Let us be your IT partner.