Email Security and Protection

Email threats are evolving. Are your defenses?

Comprehensive security controls before, continuity during, and automated recovery after an attack.

Have you found that despite significant investments in your security defenses, attackers and fraudsters continue to infiltrate your organization through targeted techniques? Has your organization suffered email downtime because of these attacks? How quickly have you been able to recover your email and data after an attack?

Email security is a constant concern for organizations today, especially with so many major security breaches in the headlines.

Protect against even the most sophisticated attacks and make your email safer.

Ransomware, email fraud, and email downtime threaten your business—and your bottom line. Targeted attacks take email security threats to a whole new level, requiring advanced layers of protection. But with routine threats like spam and malware still present, you need broad protection to address all areas of email security – solving your entire email threat problem, not just parts of it.

Your business needs an email security strategy that is easy to manage, lowers costs and prevents attacks before they happen; minimizes disruptions during an attack and enables you to quickly recover email and data after an attack.



Internal Security Threats


We've got solutions that will transform your email security.

With Plow Networks Email Security Solutions you can achieve unparalleled email security without extra expense, and without the need to deploy additional hardware or software. We’ll build an email security strategy that adapts as attackers change their tactics and block, detect, and respond to email fraud and advanced malware attacks before they do harm.

Before an inbound email ever makes it to your organization’s email system, whether your email system is on-premises or in the cloud, it goes through many layers of inspection and analysis to detect the ways phishers and spammers try to get to, and fool, your email security system and your users.

Ready to make email safer for your business?