Data Storage

Do more with less

From significant capacity challenges to compliance requirements, in today’s world of exponential data growth we know that you’re faced with all kinds of pressures – including the ongoing demand for efficiency.

How do you handle the challenge of retaining all your data while providing access from anywhere, at all times, in a smart, scalable and flexible manner?

That's where we come in.

Using storage strategies that line up with your current and future business needs, our seasoned engineers and consultants can help choose and implement solutions that are tailored specifically to you.

Better yet, while we explore new and innovative options, we’ll also work with you to leverage your existing technologies to enhance your current data storage environment.

One partner, endless possibilities

When you team up with Plow Networks, you also get access to all kinds of leading technologies, a host of top-notch providers and en entire suite of capabilities that can make your job smoother and your business stronger.

That’s not just lip service either. Our proven, tools-assisted analysis and engineering-led solutions deliver results that are both measurable and aligned to your specific IT needs.

Data storage solutions to give you the competitive advantage

  • Reduced operating costs and expenditures
  • Adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Consolidation of multiple backup environments
  • Increased emphasis on achieving recovery time and recovery point objectives
  • Effective management of spiraling data growth
  • Reliable back-up strategies

Unleash the power of your data.